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Ryan Knowles is a performer, teacher and writer based in New York City. He has been coaching speech for over twenty years.  In addition to coaching multiple national champions, he also co-founded the incredibly successful interpretation summer camp for high school competitors hi, InterProd. 

As one of the nation's foremost freelance speech coaches, Mr. Knowles has taught at some of the most respected and successful high school programs in the country, both public and private, including: the University School (FL); Leland High School, Cleveland HS, James Logan HS (CA); Albuquerque Academy (NM); Holy Ghost Preparatory (PA); Stuyvesant HS, Bronx Preparatory and Bronx Science HS (NY).  He has lectured and spoken at Cambridge University and Oxford University (England), Strasbourg University (France), Glasgow University (Scotland), and the Takarazuka Theatre (Japan).   His students have been in numerous state and national final rounds and have won multiple state, national and international championships. 

As a competitor in both high school and college forensics, Mr. Knowles amassed an unprecedented record of consistent successes in all fields of speech and debate, including: Over 350 trophies and awards, 12 State Championships, 7 National Final Rounds, 4 National Championships, as well as becoming the first American in history to win a World Universities Debate Association World Championship.

Mr. Knowles has also coached various local, state and national politicians in speech and debate preparation and performance.  His candidates have included multiple members of the San Diego City Council, the California State Legislature and the United States Congress.  Of all his candidates, none has ever lost an election. 

Mr. Knowles has been featured on NBC, Fox News, BBC, PBS, C-SPAN, CBC, Sirius-XM Radio and in various local and national press outlets around the globe. Over the years, Mr. Knowles has spoken alongside US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, US Attorney General Janet Reno, "Roe v. Wade" Attorney Sarah Weddington, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and many others.

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